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The Toolshed

by Hannah in Friskney, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th July 2020 we successfully raised £4,354 with 115 supporters in 42 days

To purchase equipment to provide the community with a space to repair, repurpose or recycle unloved things.

by Hannah in Friskney, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Oh wow! If we made this much money we would be able to offer specialist classes in our Toolshed and invite experts to come along to to the farm.  We would be able to give our clients the chance to learn new and exciting skills and traditional crafts; they would have a real chance to "grow through experience".  How do you know if you like doing something if you never get the chance to try??!!

1st place in the Calor Rural Community Fund - £2,500 Category

If we are lucky enough to receive the full £2500 prize money, in addition to our public crowdfunding, it gives us a nice new problem to solve: how to make best use of this additional unexpected funding to benefit the community.

The £1717 crowdfunder money would be spent on buying and citing a 30' container, moving our existing 20' container and arranging in an L shape. This is so that the phased construction of a permanent home for The Toolshed can begin. The prize money will then be spent on the tools listed below in our application. 

We had an exceptionally kind donation from a gentleman called Ray of a 3D printer so this is not something we now need to purchase. This money can be now spent on getting better quality tools.


The above images show the approach and profiled metal canopy roof, creating a covered outdoor working area. The walls would be Yorkshire board, resulting in a secure, flat area for woodworking etc. The small container will be used for storage and the larger one will have worktops and under cabinet storage for the temperature sensitive specialist equipment such as 3D printing.


If we are unsuccessful in receiving the full prize money, the raised funds will be spent on The Toolshed, but with a reduced number of the high value specialist tools, as we find a need. The below photo shows our current storage solution, and as you can see we are quite full!

What is the need for your project in the community? How will your project improve local life?
The Askefield Project is currently six months into a NHS funded Toolshed project which is gaining popularity in the local community. We have invested in our barn to improve the facilities (power, lighting, heating and woodworking tools) and now would like to expand our provision with some equipment to repair, re-purpose and restore.

What support do you have from the local community for your project?
The Toolshed project we are currently running was gaining popularity before the enforced closure due to Covid-19, however it highlighted the fact that our range of equipment needed expanding. We currently concentrate on woodworking but would like to buy equipment such as a 3D printer and a laser cutter, to provide a wider range of opportunities.

Who will benefit from your project?
Everyone; this project will give anyone in our Community the opportunity to "Grow Through Experience". It will support older people in their hobbies, younger people through learning the value of practical skills and repurposing, tradesmen needing parts and repair of tools, the list is endless. It will also enable the clients of our Care Farm who have mental health issues to participate in something with a positive outcome for someone else.

Tell us more about your project and how it will benefit your community if you are successful.

Since the inception of the Care Farm in October 2017, we have developed a comprehensive business plan, of which The Toolshed is a component. Our plans are flexible, so during the current crisis we are providing activities for our clients remotely. This ability to flex, understand and meet our clients' needs is key to our sustainability. We have close links with the community within which we live but we also extend out to Skegness, Boston and Anderby Creek, a radius of 20 miles. We pride ourselves on our reputation for forming a mutually supportive community; our project development has been supported by funding from local NHS mental health trust, the National Lottery, the local Lions club and gifts from clients and well-wishers. The aim is to expand The Toolshed to offer local groups and individuals the facilities to repair unloved items using equipment that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Please give a breakdown of the costs of your project.
Axminster Mini-lathe
Record Scrollsaw
Record Belt and disc sander
Axminster Router table
3D printer
CNC router

This equipment will supplement our existing woodworking equipment, to give us more scope with the service we can offer our clients and further afield.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Glamping experience!

If you pledge £10 or more, you get the chance to win a fabulous weekend glamping in one of our luxury bell tents, with a family pass to the fantastic Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to see the tigers. Spend the weekend getting back to nature, enjoy the company of Boris the donkey, Willow and Fudge the goats, our cute Kerry Hill lambs and enjoy the amazing Lincolnshire sunsets. Firepit, barbecue, outdoor cinema, all facilities and fresh air included!

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