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We wish to develop a sensory & memory space at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, for visitors to rest, reflect and remember.

by 'Super' Steve Nichols in Friskney, England, United Kingdom

I’m Steve, (otherwise known as 'Super-Steve'), CEO of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park; encompassing the Parrot Zoo Trust (registered charity and CIO) and the National Turtle Sanctuary. More information about Lincolnshire Wildlife Park can be found on our website 


Our story started back in the early 1990's when I realised there was a need to offer a more natural lifestyle for parrots.  Over 30 years later, the charity now provides a forever home to over 1500 parrots, 9 Bengal Tigers, 2 white lions plus many more animals and birds. Our animals and birds are loved and cared for by a small and extremely dedicated team of 19, here at the park.  

The Park now covers over 30 acres, which we are continuing to develop into a community focussed hub to include areas for people of all ages and abilities, who also have an interest in our animals and birds. (Please visit our Facebook page to see 'Super-Steve's videos and all the latest news from the Park).


Within our ‘Where it all began’ area, we will be introducing 'plots' of special interest for our visitors.  The Peaceful Plot is just one of these areas. The Plot will provide space where people can enjoy experiences that ignite their senses alongside some of our animals and birds, some of whom are less able. 

We will develop the Peaceful Plot and memory garden for our older visitors and those with additional needs which will include an old garden shed, a small traditional vegetable garden, tools and a small area which will provide home to our budgies (kept as pets in the UK since the mid-1800s, and by far the most popular pet bird in the world).  Our Giant Tortoises will have a home in the area to reflect a slower pace of life. Tortoise keeping has long been popular in the UK, and it is estimated that between the years 1969-1972 approximately 480,000 spur-thighed tortoises were imported into Britain. 

Artists impressions: 


All funding received will help us to plan, design and develop our peaceful space for visitors. We will establish aspects of the Plot to include:

  • Smell - Scented plants will play a part in the garden design, we will also include materials that have distinctive and interesting smells.
  • Touch – we will incorporate texture to the garden e.g., rough surfaces, stone walls, smooth pebbles, polished wood, textured plants etc.  
  • Sound - we will incorporate natural sounds e.g., water features and wind chimes. The Park has many natural sounds that are very audible such as Parrots who will say hello/goodbye, and the occasional roar of a lion.   
  • Taste - safe fruits and vegetables will be grown for people to sample. 
  • Sight – coloured/textured lighting will provide illumination during darker days/evenings and provide visual stimulus.   


The Plot will become a permanent fixture of the park. It will be well maintained and updated to high standards by members of our team.

We continue to discuss our development ideas with visitors to the park of all ages and abilities, and with those from residential care establishments who regularly visit with small groups of their residents.  The residents include young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities.  Residents and staff have told us that the Plot will be a valuable addition at LWP and that their residents will benefit from access to unique sensory inputs, nature and sunlight. 

In addition to visitors with additional needs, the Plot will provide an area where our visitors of all ages, can stop for a while and enjoy the surroundings alongside some of our slower and less able animals and birds. Young children can experience how nature can affect their senses, whilst older people may want to rest, reflect and remember. We will incorporate lots of seating within the area to ensure visitors can stop a while and appreciate this peaceful space.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park have just been awarded the TED Age-friendly Business award and we want to create spaces on site where the pace of life is slower for our visitors. 

Our staff are now Dementia friends and the memory garden will help us with our aim to provide an environment that is comfortable and reassuring to those suffering with memory loss. 

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Please support us if you are able, and thank you all.1623232231_1623232231407.png


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