Success stories

Since we launched the Fund in 2017, we’ve been able to support 214 amazing rural community projects across the UK, with over £460,000 generated through donations and Calor contributions. All of these projects were created to improve the lives of local communities across the UK. Check out some of our winners from the last 4 years.


2020 – £85,000 for Calor’s 85th anniversary

To tie in with our 85th anniversary, we’ve given away £85,000 – our biggest prize pot ever, and the most competitive year yet!


2019 – the year we decided to mix things up

We made the prize pot our biggest so far in 2019; dishing out £70,000 to lucky rural community projects.


2018 – bigger and better

In 2018, we doubled the Rural Community Fund pot from £20,000 to £50,000, to help even more communities in rural, off-grid areas.


2017 – the year it all began

We launched the Calor Community Fund in 2017. Our first ever winners received £20,000 towards their community projects.

Tips to get your project to the top

In it for the long run? We like the sound of that

Let’s cut to the chase. You already know your project is set to make a huge impact to your community. But… where to start when it comes to letting everyone know how incredible your project really is? Most importantly, how do you keep your project on track in the long-term? We’re here to help your community project move forward for continuing success. Here you’ll find some hints and tips to help your project along the way.

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