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Alford & District Men's Shed Sensory Garden

by Peter Allan Meenan in Alford, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 16th July 2020 we successfully raised £1,592 ( + est. £135.00 Gift Aid ) with 40 supporters in 42 days

We have created a refurbished building for ADMS plus 18 Allotments and a Community Orchard. We now want to provide a Sensory Garden.

by Peter Allan Meenan in Alford, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we can exceed our immediate target we will use the money for benches in the Sensory Garden and extra handrails.

1st place in the Calor Rural Community Fund - £2,500 Category

What is the need for your project in the community? How will your project improve local life?:

1591272926_58649529_10157632022923287_6938292806515425280_o.jpgExisting village clubs (history, gardening etc.) for whom our space can be accessed on foot and it is much more convenient and central than our new Alford Community Campus, which is very well equipped for youth, but ill-equipped to deal with the needs of these clubs and special needs groups.

Our Building Before Refurbishment


What support do you have from the local community for your project?
We have support from our local community and parish councils.


Letters of support can be provided.

Who will benefit from your project?
Our entire community is about 2500 but in our Don Valley setting there is a wider community of some 10,000 in hamlets and villages. The number of less-abled and visually-impaired is around 100 to 200.

Tell us more about your project and how it will benefit your community if you are successful.
We want to increase the Membership. Establish a reliable revenue stream from Community and Individual Project donations. Vision: To deliver specifically we need to target particular local groups: 'Spikin Autism' - A well organised but under-resourced village group who want to engage on the sensory garden.

Area for the Sensory Garden



We think there is a need for us to take a lead and show how the shed, allotments and gardens can interface with these and other groups. . We will have match funds of £2500 to meet the £5000 estimated cost of materials for the sensory Garden. We only need materials.

Our members will do all the building and planting work.


1591272768_56380128_10157552095548287_7784755668564574208_o.jpgPlease give a breakdown of the costs of your project:

At the moment we have an estimate of about £10000 for all material necessary. The site has now been prepared. The work has been done by ourselves, so far it has cost us about £5000. A fully detailed cost breakdown can be supplied when required. We have obtained match funding of £2500 committed so far for this project and have £3000 reserved in our current account. We need about £5000 to complete the Sensory Garden and winning a prize of £2500 in our category would make all the difference without running our bank reserves very low in this difficult Covid-19 situation.

For more information here below is our project cost estimate:

Item - Quantity - Unit - £cost/unit - Amount £:

Drain pipe (pvc) 80.0 m £5.00 £400.00 . 

Sand 25.0 m3 £10.00 £250.00 . 

Gravel 25.0 m2 £50.00 £1,250.00 . 

Paving slabs 78.5 m2 £20.00 £1,570.80 . 

Paviour blocks 31.4 m2 £25.00 £785.40 . 

Cement 10.0 bag £5.00 £50.00 . 

Timber: 150x 50 288.0 m £10.00 £2,880.00 . (Raised beds)

Timber: 300 x 100 48.0 m £20.00 £960.00 . (Raised beds)

Fencing 100.0 m £10.00 £1,000.00 . 

Plants 1.0 sum £500.00 £500.00 . Total = £9,646.20

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