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Repair/Upgrade LPG Heating Units

by LunarGymClub in Lesmahagow, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Our Heating is unsafe, omitting to much CO2, we currently have no working heaters in the Facility

by LunarGymClub in Lesmahagow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The team at Lunar Gymnastics Club have worked hard over the last few years fundraising to make the gym the best it possibly can be for all the children involved. We have bought new equipment, fixed the roof & previously repaired the heating.

Due to the nature of our organisation and members who attend, we strive to be a fully inclusive facility, providing opportunities for a variety of levels. Our classes consist of Pre School, General Gymnastics for beginners, beginner trampoline, beginner tumbling & competitive Acrobatics & tumbling as well as display teams. 

There are several pathways for participants to consider throughout their gymnastics experience, ranging from participation in recreational classes solely focusing on fun, success and skill development tailored to individual needs, to competitive gymnastics in several disciplines allowing gymnasts of various skills to experience competition, to life-long participation through display allowing everyone to experience participation in various environments. The opportunities and pathways for children will differ depending on the demand from the local community. The coaches also differentiate their sessions to ensure all gymnasts experience success in some form and develop current knowledge by attending training courses when appropriate and available.

We now are at the stage we must completely replace the 3 LPG heating units to make it save for all users & so we can continue with all our classes without disruption during the winter months.

Due to the loss of our major events & having to close, as a result of covid, we not only have lost valuable income that sustains the daily running of the facility, the pandemic has cost the club money for the following:

  • Grants that have been applied for have been set aside for specific things
  • Loss of memberships to cover costs of buildings insurance
  • Money set aside to cover costs of repairing the heating and covering the cost of gas & electricity has had to be used for additional things i.e. upgraded building facilities to support new covid restrictions in an attempt to make it safe to reopen
  • Increased coach cost due to reduced numbers in classes
  • Increased daily cleaning costs to comply with covid restrictions.

Our facility provides young people a safe place where they feel a part of something. Too many people do not experience this and with the global pandemic, most have been denied of this, particularly at a grass roots level. 

Physical activity has proven to enhance mental, physical and social wellbeing, which our facility supports. The young people who attend our facility are able to build positive relationships with other young people, coaches, and parents/carers. We provide an environment for people to experience success, however, make the connection between success and discipline and resilience. This instils confidence and improved self-esteem into young people which is transferred into other aspects of their life such as education, family life and socially. 

The availability of a local gymnastics club offering structured exercise provides the opportunity to rebuild relationships, friendships, coping strategies, resilience and a range of other mental health benefits. Under 5s classes give the opportunity for parents and children to engage together in structured physical activity. 

Due to the rural area of our facility, opportunities are limited for young people to engage in activities like we provide at the variety of levels offered. COVID-19 has impacted the running of our facility, it has affected our normal fundraising for things like repairs to the building. We normally host inhouse events every year, however this hasn't been able to happen so how we would normally fundraise to fix things like the heating, we have been unable to do. 

Our project of repairing the LPG Heating system is vital in the continuation of the club remaining open once the winter sets in.

Let's make 'Repair/Upgrade LPG Heating Units' happen

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