Core mma Campbeltown

by James mccallum in Campbeltown, Scotland, United Kingdom

Core mma Campbeltown
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Hi, I am additional needs support assistant in schools in Campbeltown argyll, I started a martial arts club to help kids. Likes ,no £

by James mccallum in Campbeltown, Scotland, United Kingdom

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What is the need for your project in the community? How will your project improve local life?
There is nothing for kids here, and most ebd up getting into bother in someway, this provides a safe nurturing environment, also help with mental health issues in rural communities

What support do you have from the local community for your project?
We have 30 kids currently training with us and more on a waiting list! We have found the whole town is behind us on this, but Campbeltown has been in rough times lately and money is tight in community, and we try to make the club available to everyone, we rent a small hall but this is expensive, and a few kids have said they can't afford to come, please see local paper they do a article every month on us

Who will benefit from your project?
Local kids and young adults within the community, may of with are struggling with different aspects of their live, and being so isolated nothing like this near by

Tell us more about your project and how it will benefit your community if you are successful.
Martial arts/boxing has always had a place in in a community, and i feel so under achieve in school and other areas, this project provides somewhere to achieve and get exirsises, helps with social interaction. But most importantly the mental health of youngsters today that all to often become isolated with modern technology, also the local police have had a connection with us, so seeing both side in a positive light, and not hanging around the streets.

Please give a breakdown of the costs of your project.
last week I was given the opportunity to take old Hall, it is very ran downand be available to more kids to join our club this would mean so much to so many. We also need money for public liability insurance, and kit for training as there is a lot of kit needed to train safely. Also the building we are hoping to buy is pretty run down, the floor has dry rot and there is water ingresion on broken render, and there is no heating and isn't connected to mains gas this is also something we would like you yo help with. Also being a rural community work isn't as plenty as it used to be so we have kids that can't pay the fees, so we would like to have the funds to make the club accessible. To buy the hall it's 20,000,

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