Boat Bells - New set of hand chimes

by Boat Bells Ringers in Boat Of Garten, Scotland, United Kingdom

Boat Bells - New set of hand chimes
We did it
On 16th July 2020 we successfully raised £975 ( + est. £20.00 Gift Aid ) with 26 supporters in 42 days

We wish to raise funds to buy and extend range of handchimes for the Group to be able welcome more ringers into the group.

by Boat Bells Ringers in Boat Of Garten, Scotland, United Kingdom

7th place in the Calor Rural Community Fund - £1,000 Category

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We would love to provide you with an update on our fundraising so far and the fact that we are a finalist in this category.  We have had so much support so far and for this we thank all our supporters and champions for our project. We would like to state that any Calor prize money will be spent on the project detailed on our project page. 

The money we’ve raised from our community will be spent on:

  • A - New set of hand chimes for the group to expand the musical repertoire we can achieve. This is only possible if we raised enough to cover the cost of the chimes which is £1400, otherwise we will save majority of money and continue fundraising for the rest.
  • B - If we were lucky enough to raise more than required for the new hand chimes we would like to purchase more cushions, covers and music up-risers for each station of our players to protect the chimes and allow us to see our conductor easier.
  • C - If we are extremely lucky and have more fundraising money than absolutely necessary the next part of our project would be to purchase some kind of standard uniform for players to wear when we are performing in concerts of any kind.  We would also use any extra monies to try and develop some younger players in the art of bell ringing through the communities and school networks.

Project within the community and how it will help

The project was requested by local villagers after a display was held in village from another hand ringing group. It was set up to enable people who have no musical experience a way of participating in music in a non-threatening way while being supported by other musicians. 

People attending are then able to develop many skills such as co-ordination, teamwork, learn to read music and develop mental concentration in a social setting. 

It develops team work and a sense of achievement when a piece of music is played well. Anyone of any faith, culture or gender can take part, it is a relatively cheap way of producing music and has a wide range of music available that appeals to all age groups.

So long as a person can see the music and had strength to hold the chimes it does not matter what disability they may have. When playing the chimes, mental problems, anxieties and depression are lifted. 

The social aspect of bell/chime ringing is as important as the music itself and can help those who are socially disadvantaged. It is a social as well as a music group, therefore social skills are learnt meeting new people as they join the group. Apart from membership the costs are low and thus appeal to those on lower incomes.

Local Community Support
We have the local hall where we meet supporting us along with other local community groups as we are a new and different musical group trying to get more members to become interested in joining us.

Who Benefits?
The entire local and surrounding communities could benefit as we hope to expand the group membership and put on concerts which could act as fundraisers for specific events. Our group so far has four local communities involved with the ringers each attending on a regular basis from those communities.

Community benefits if fundraising successful
We have a variety of ages already involved with the group and would welcome new members from any age, background etc as long as they live within our surrounding communities and can commit to the group learning and performances on a regular basis. This benefits each member with social interaction, musical skills, mental well being, lowering of anxiety / stress levels and so much more.

Breakdown of project costs
The main reason for this application is to purchase a complete new set of hand chimes to expand existing set to allow a broader range of musical pieces to be attempted by ringers and also to welcome more members into the group. £1400 for a 2octave set of handchimes is what we now require.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

For pledging this amount we would invite you along to two sessions to join in and find out what hand ringing is all about. This would have to apply to those people who live within a 20-30mile radius from Boat of Garten itself in order to attend these sessions.

£50 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£50 Reward

For a pledge of this amount we can arrange to give you a small performance and demonstration. We would have to limit this reward to those people who live within a 20-30mile radius of Boat of Garten in order to transport the group and equipment to the performance place.

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